"A hell of a way to begin your A- Levels. So much vigour and tunage"

- Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales
"Oh my goodness, gonna take a minute to take that all in...we played
their previous single a lot and this is just as good"

- Bethan Elfyn BBC Radio Wales
"One of those bands you can hear more and more people believe in and as
the year unravels more...they'll raise in popularity...channeling a bit of
melodic indie pop and some grunge aggression...absolutely superb."

- Charlie Ashcroft Amazing Radio
"Here's a brilliant new band from South Wales for you, I think it's really
good, they're so young...I think they're still doing their A-Levels!

- Huw Stephens BBC Radio One
"I like it so much, I like the production on it, it is quite spacey and
spacious but the voice still comes through, really good stuff!"

- Janice Long BBC Radio Wales
“A bit like putting a red Indian head dress made of nitroglycerin on
and then going on the waltzers”

- Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales
"Four guys who met at school and who could well still be at school, this
is another one to fill the dance floor"

- John Kennedy RadioX
"Remember the name, the Pitchforks"

- Gordon Smart RadioX